If you are going abroad, we usually get a lot of questions about how to deal with your hair extensions / hair systems on holiday.

Try and avoid dunking your head under any saltwater or chlorine wherever possible as it can dry the hair out and alter the colour.

However we do understand with holiday activities and even general swimming this is sometimes unavoidable. Just please ensure you thoroughly wash and condition your hair on the evening if your hair extensions / hair system have come into any contact with chorine or salt water.

If swimming, always coat the hair in conditioner or use a leave-in product to protect your hair and tie hair back. after swimming, do not leave hair to dry in the sun make sure to wash three times and extra conditioner afterwards as soon as possible.

Another very good bit of advice if you are going away is to try to wash your hair in bottled water as the ph levels and chemicals in water supplies abroad can be very different to that of the UK.

Hair extensions / Hair systems have been widely known to be affected by this in a number of ways. A very known issue is blondes turning a pink or orange colour, and hair extensions / hair systems of other colours also altering in colour.

To prevent this happening whilst you are away or to rectify this we advise you buy some Malibu C Hard Water products to go with or at least for on standby when you get back.

This is highly advisable if you have blonde hair. Malibu C’s hard water range or swimmers products can be easily purchased online on Ebay, Amazon etc. These products not only help prevent the issue occurring but the sachet of crystals reverses it so please do not be tempted to remove your hair extensions / hair system or throw them away.

Try to keep your hair out of direct sunlight to avoid damage. You may want to cover hair with a silk scarf or sun hat whilst in the sun. Do not Expose your hair system to excessive sunlight.

There’s nothing like a holiday however, you should never take a holiday from your hair extension / hair system aftercare routine.

Firstly, you need to understand the elements in water

not solely if you are travelling abroad but also here in the UK...

And how chemicals and products which react to those elements can cause your extensions to change colour, become dry & brittle, create matting or cause your attachments to break down.


(Also known as Methoxylphenyl, Butylphenylpropane, Butylmethoxydibenzolmethane, Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Parsol1789, Milestab 1789, Eusolex 9020, Escallop 517, NeoHelipan 357, Dibenzoylmethane, 4-tert-butyl-4-methoxydibenzoylmethane, BMDBM cod, 70356-09-1,



1,3-Propanedione, 1-(4-(1,1-dimethylethyl)phenyl)-3-( 4-methoxyphenyl)-

UNIII-G63QQF2NOX, or DB094595)

Avobenzone is an ingredient that is used in most sunscreen products for its UVA absorbtion. This is the ingredient in the cream that discolours your clothes and the same can happen when it comes into contact with the hair.  Combine this by coming into contact with any of the minerals mentioned above. A chemical reaction can occur and this is what causes the pinky / orange colour which occasionally happens to your hair.

Heat can also accelerate the chemical reaction!

Not only is Avobenzone found in suncream it is also present in many other products too such as moisturisers, powders, foundations, concealers, lip balm, sun protection shampoos, conditioners and sprays.

This explains why colour change may only occur in patchy areas of the hair because of the nature and way the hair may have come into contact with the Avobenzone.

Due to the way hair extensions / hair on hair systems is colour processed. The hair is more porous than your natural hair, so the colour change will be affect hair extensions or a hair system quicker than it will on your natural hair.

The reaction will depend on the level of iron present and the amount of exposure, so discolouration may happen gradually over time or instantly.

It will only occur in the areas that have come into contact with Avobenzone so explains why only the tips of a ponytail experience change as the ends are what brush the shoulders.

Or around the hair line or face where moisturisers, foundations or suncream are applied. Or sunscreens are sprayed on the face.

Of course we would never dream of telling you not to use sunscreen and advise you to continue doing so. There are Avobenzone free sunscreens on the market and these are preferable, although you cant escape from coming into contact with it as Im sure you have noticed the oily sunscreen residues that float on the surface of the swimming pool.

Always check the products you use on your hair do not contain Avobenzone!


(Also known as Octorilene, or Uvinul N – 539)

This is also used in sunscreens and usually paired with Avobenzone.

It is also a major factor in discolouration of hair extensions due to a chemical process that occurs when it absorbs UV rays. It is only safe for use if there is less than 10% in the sunscreen formula.

The higher the amount in sunscreen the higher a chance of discolouration through iron absorption.

What you can do is take with you on holiday / use the Malibu C swimmers / hard water products we recommend to prevent this from happening / rectify this, should colour change occur.

Please note that colour change MAY happen – it does not happen to every client who goes on holiday but forewarned is forearmed!

Attachment Breakdown

Your attachments are also at higher risk of breakdown whilst on holiday due to hard water & chemical exposure, hotter climate and prolonged wet / damp hair and daily washing.


Risks with Copper Locks and Rings:

  • Green build up from copper oxidisation

  • Paint can peel revealing copper underneath making the attachments noticeable

  • Bonds and/or silicone lining can deteriorate resulting in slippage / hair shedding

Risks with Wefts:

  • Stitched thread can become brittle and snap

  • Adhesive seal on some weft top designs can break down leading to shedding

  • Weft tops can rot leading to shedding

  • Copper Rings can be effected as above

Swimming / Sunbeds / Hot-Tubs

If you are a regular user of sunbeds, the hair should be wrapped in a towel before use. The heat from sunbeds can cause the hair to dry out and the bonds to melt.

For our clients that regularly swim or use a hot tub, saunas or steam rooms these activities are still possible if you wear hair extensions/hair systems.

Following our recommended guidelines for general hair extension/hair system aftercare AND holiday aftercare will ensure problem free wear and help maintain  the lifespan of your hair extensions/hair system and protect & preserve your natural hair.

Prolonged water exposure has been shown to weaken hair extension bonds and affect hair systems, and so If your hair is exposed to water or a combination of water and heat (i.e. Sauna) the hair and bonds can begin to deteriorate.

You should rinse the hair with fresh water immediately if exposed to chlorine or salt as found in pools and the sea, and attempt to dry the bonds/system as quickly as possible.  Wear a hat for swimming where possible and/or follow the aftercare advise earlier in this page with regards to Malibu C products.