Congratulations on taking the plunge and having your very own bespoke hair system designed

Whilst we are sure you want to get out there and enjoy your new hair, there are just a few important things to remember to help you get the best out of your hair system.

As you know if you’re one of our lovely loyal clients or you follow us on social media, modern hair systems can look absolutely gorgeous. They look just like your own hair and you can swim, go to the gym, sleep, shower in them, you name it.

But there are some differences between hair systems and your natural hair which you need to know about so you can keep your own system looking and feeling as amazing as the day it was fitted.

The important thing to remember is that your hair system is an investment so it makes sense to look after it. Natural hair can recover from chemical treatments, excessive heat styling, and other damage, hair systems can’t.

How a hair system differs from your natural hair

If you lose hair from your hair system, it won’t regrow.

Unlike natural hair that usually grows back, once hair is gone from a hair system, it’s gone. This is why you have to follow our aftercare advice and have proper maintenance. You need to avoid things that cause hair loss and breakage as much as possible.

Your hair system won’t be protected by your scalp’s natural oils.

The glands attached to your hair follicles make a natural oil called sebum which coats your hair and keeps it nourished and hydrated. Your hair system won’t have access to these natural oils so you need to keep it hydrated with conditioner and deep conditioning treatments.


  • When washing hair always use warm lukewarm water never use water that is too hot. Shampoo hair in an upright position in a shower, do not flip hair over the head. Shampoo hair once to break the oils up then rinse and shampoo a second time. When shampooing, make sure to rub shampoo along the mesh in between the panels of the not scrub your hair system vigorously, massage shampoo into the hair. Make sure to thoroughly rinse shampoo out of the hair allowing extra time in the shower. You may shampoo around the attachments, but only with recommended shampoo. It is necessary to condition the hair system as this enables it to remain in optimum condition, it is vital however that you do not get conditioner on the attachments at all as this will weaken them and make them slip. A good thing to mention here is avoid washing your hair in the bath. Many bath products have conditioners in them which then you are effectively submerging your extension attachments in which will cause slippage. wash hair no more than twice a week. Wash your hair in an upright position, never flip hair over the top of your head. When you wash your hair, only use the recommended.

  • Authentic Locks have our own brand of shampoo and conditioner that has been specially formulated and tested by us so that your hair stays under guarantee. Therefore, we can only directly recommend our own branded shampoo and conditioner only. This is because most other brands contain silicone, sulphate, SLS, and paraben-based ingredients which will cause the hair to go dry and/or brittle. We have to make you aware that if shampoo and conditioner is not purchased from Authentic Locks, we cannot be held responsible for any issues with the hair. Using our aftercare means your hair stays in warranty. Unfortunately, if you do not adhere to this, we lose our warranty with our suppliers so therefore replacement cannot be offered in a rare case of any problems. Again, please note that Authentic Locks cannot take responsibility for hair being dry or brittle if this was not purchased at the time of your hair system being fitted
  • Use generous amounts of conditioner on the hair system as you need to keep it moisturised. Section hair in panels and work conditioner through hair avoiding the mesh and comb through. Put conditioner all over the parting area right up to the root of the parting and then comb through. Make sure to rinse conditioner out of the hair, allowing extra time in the shower. use a good quality hair conditioning treatment at least every two weeks and leave on for 10 minutes or more.

  • After washing gently squeeze out excess water and put towel around the head without flipping hair on top of head. Blot the excess water from the hair.

  • Use Avobenzone free (Please see Holiday Aftercare for details on Avobenzone) professional quality products for styling such as leave in conditioners, a heat protector spray, serums or argan oil. Any oils should always be applied after washing your hair as an additional conditioning measure.

  • Hair systems should not be brushed wet. Detangle hair with a wide-toothed comb or good quality hairbrush. Start from the ends and work your way up. The reason for this is that when hair is wet is goes into an elasticated state which is when hair is most susceptible to knotting and snapping. When hair extensions are wet, please only finger brush or use a wide tooth comb to detangle the hair while drying your hair to 90% dry. Once hair is over 90% dry knotting and tangling will subside considerable and you can now go in and finish off your blow drying/styling with a brush with ease.

DO’s (Continued)

  • Remember to take good care of your hair system, you must always FULLY blow dry them to close the hair cuticle and do not take any shortcuts whilst caring for them. 20) always dry the mesh with a hairdryer on medium to low heat. Never use hot heat on the mesh before drying sections of the hair. When the mesh is dry, use a hairdryer to dry the hair to 90% before styling with a round brush (this is to take most of the moisture out to make styling easier). Learn some good blow-drying techniques to keep your system looking sleek

  • If you wear a system that is fixed by rings anywhere. A hair extensions brush or bristle brush should be used to brush over the top of your hair because normal bushes with balls on the end of the bristles can catch and cause discomfort and pulling of your hair. The ends of your hair should be brushed through with a good paddle brush or equivalent whilst holding your hair in a low ponytail to prevent pulling on your hair system. )

  • If you have a removable system, it is always advisable to remove it from your head to wash it. Put a small amount of our shampoo in a bowl and swish it around the bowl to dissolve it into the water. Gently dip your system into the water and move the water through the system gently with your fingers. Then, remove the system, rinse, and condition as normal

  • Brush your hair every day

  • Familiarise yourself with our ‘Holiday Aftercare’ page. This not only gives you advice on caring for your hair system on holiday but also gives useful advice about using leisure facilities here also.

  • Familiarise yourself with the Hard Water section of our Hair Extensions Aftercare page. This not only give your guidance as this educates you on nasties in British water and how to counteract any risks from this
  • Spray wet/dampen your hair system to blow dry it/set it into place, and keep the hair laying nice and flat. A small dust of hairspray is also fine.

  • When brushing separate her into sections so that you brush through each panel of hair.

  • Always hold your hair system at the top with 1 hand whilst brushing the bottom and try to be gentle.

  • To prevent split ends, sleep on a silk pillowcase or wear a scarf or hat to bed; Sleep with a 100% silk scarf on or on a silk pillowcase to prevent friction and breakage do not go to sleep with wet hair. You must tie long hair into a loose plait or at the very least tie it back in some way whilst sleeping, this will minimize tangling and knotting whilst you sleep.

  • Ensure you are washing and rinsing your hair well enough. You may find that your scalp will itch slightly, this is perfectly normal. Remember that having a hair system isn’t a natural process, this itching is simply your head adjusting to it. If you have continuous itching this may indicate you are not washing/rinsing well enough. Don’t forget wearing a hair system is almost like wearing a hat in the way that you will likely sweat more (which causes itching) so you may need to wash your hair more frequently than normal.

  • All blonde hair systems will need maintaining to prevent brassy tones appearing. Using a *DILUTED Purple/Silver or Pearlescent Shampoo once every few weeks will help prevent this. *Please ask for direction on how to dilute this so it is not too strong tone wise for your hair system.

  • Ash/Flat shades (even in dark browns and jet black hair) will gradually throw off warmer tones due to the underlying colour (remember hair systems are coloured down in shade). Using BLUE Shampoo will help maintain tone (Fanola No Orange is great!), however a professional toner may be required over time.

  • Feel free to style your hair system just as you would with your normal hair, you can straighten, curl, blow-dry, and cut them because it is human hair.


  • Wash your hair system too often as this can dry it out


  • Wash your hair system with hot water


  • Use poor quality or heavy silicone lined products


  • Another major no-no is baby shampoo! The common thought is ‘it’s kind to babies so it must be gentle on your hair?’ NOT THE CASE AT ALL…Baby shampoo is only kind to babies, in the sense that it does not sting their eyes, and this is due to it containing alkaline which is actually really bad for your hair, let alone hair systems!


  • Rub your hair system when drying it with a towel, pat it dry instead


  • Use products, or let your hair come into contact with any products that contain Abervezone (Please read about this in Holiday Aftercare)


  • Brush over ring attachments with any brush other than a hair extension or bristle brush


  • Rub (or scrub in circular motions) hair systems when shampooing.
  • Please refrain from tugging/pulling/grabbing your hair system with fingers at the front all the time. This will cause shedding to occur at the front of your hair system and this is a chargeable repair. As per our T & Cs closures/frontals/360’s or anything where hair is knotted into lace is guaranteed for 3 months only. The main reason for this is they are the part of your hair system that will be touched by yourself the most by your hands and brushing and they are very fine hairs that are individually knotted into the system base. As you can understand this part of the system is most susceptible to shedding hairs. This is something that can be repaired if it is a lace base, but if you have opted for a silk/PU/Monoskin base then it cannot be repaired. Repairs or replacements after a 3-month period to this part of the system due to shedding is not something Authentic Locks can be held responsible for. We can however help with repairs/replacements at our usual charge.

  • Brush your hair an excessive amount, no more than 3 times a day if you can help it as this will cause excessive

  • Pull any attachments out

DO NOT's (Continued)

  • Remove any fixed hair system yourself or get anyone else to remove it. Hair systems should always be removed professionally and by Authentic Locks only. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your hair if they have not been removed by Authentic Locks. Neither will we be able to assess and/or deal with any other issue you may have regarding the extensions. You absolutely must visit us for removal.

  • Do not go to bed with hair wet. Hair goes into an elasticated state when wet so you will wake up with it matted and tangled. If this ever happens, please DO NOT put conditioner on hair. This will make it more wet and intensify the elasticity. Matts or tangles always need to be dealt with dry, not wet or conditioned. Don’t Sleep with wet hair as this can cause matting . Sleep with hair tied back.

  • Don’t dye or bleach your hair system as this will make the hair appear less shiny plus it will knock some amount of life span off the hair. Remember it is not live hair so will not withhold colouring as well as your natural live hair would. Lifting hair systems (or hair extensions) is also never advisable due to the fact that the agents in them that make them colourfast do not agree with lifting agents such as bleach. They will go an uneven and unpredictable colour. Our hair extensions can be darkened/toned but this should only be done by Authentic Locks. Authentic Locks take no responsibility for home dying or colouring done by other hairdressers. This is done entirely at your own risk.
  • Allow another hairdresser to cut your hair system unless you have discussed this with us first. If you have a more advanced haircut (we can advise on this) then you will most likely be best to get your usual stylist to tweak your cut to exactly how you have it (We are hair loss experts but we are not specialists in cutting). Advanced/short or layered/choppy styles we always advise you are best to go to a cutting specialist but there are some things we would need to make you aware of first so that you can inform your stylist, this helps us to help you get the best out of your hair system.

  • Excessively use heated stylers such a straighteners or tongs will lead to dry hair and split ends.

  • Avoid heavy hairsprays.

  • Panic about natural hair shedding as this is normal. ‘It looks like a lot my own hair is coming out amongst the hair system in the clips/rings, do I need to worry?’ The answer to this is no. Please do not be alarmed if you see your own natural hair coming out when it has been sat in the attachments, this is completely normal. These hairs will most likely have white bulbs on the end which is indicative of natural hair shedding. This does not mean the hair system is pulling your hair out or giving any bald patches etc so please do not worry. It is completely normal for there to be your own hair shedding in between the attachments as your hair cycle sheds 100 hairs a day naturally. On a fixed hair system (by rings) we would expect this to be a little knotty underneath the ring and need combing out a little at your maintenance appointment.

  • Be too concerned if your hair system feels a little uncomfortable after it has been initially fitted. This will usually vanish after about 4-5 days. So please persevere with it and you will fall in love with the results.

To have a hair system you must be willing to take care of it properly

They need careful washing, conditioning, drying, brushing and straightening to avoid damage.

We cannot stress enough the importance of this, if you feel you require any further aftercare advice, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask.


Before proceeding with an order for any of our hair systems please ensure you have read and understood the following terms and conditions of sale:

  • You are aware that any hair loss system warranty is only applicable if you take care of your hair loss system correctly and follow all of the aftercare, we have provided to you in written form.


  • You understand that You are fully responsible for paying for your booking fee and your remaining balance.


  • You understand that if your hair colour changes from the time of consultation to the time of fitting that Authentic Locks cannot be held responsible for this.


  • You understand that once you have had your hair loss system fitted or accepted it and paid in full, you cannot get a refund or exchange the hair for a new colour/size/fit.


  • You are aware and acknowledge that once the hair loss system is installed, the colour, method, and length that is purchased and installed is your own choosing, regardless of the Stylist’s recommendations.


  • You understand that you need to attend regular maintenance appointments as directed in the aftercare and that these appointments are chargeable.


  • You understand that you need to return to Authentic Locks for any removal of your hair loss system and that these appointments are chargeable.


  • You understand that all issues with hair loss systems install past two weeks of wear is considered regular maintenance (wear and tear) and will not be covered by Authentic Locks.


  • You understand that at the point of first installation, your own hair may need some cutting/blending with your original hair loss system. This is included in the price however further cuts when your hair grows are chargeable and we do not offer any advanced/short cuts or choppy layer cuts, these styles of cuts will need to be created by cutting specialists.
  • You understand that your scalp and head may be a little tender (especially when sleeping) for the first few nights after installation and that this may continue for up to a week or more. You acknowledge this is complete normal and once your scalp adjusts to this new object against it, the tenderness should go away.


  • You understand the hair loss system may contain beads that contain metal aluminium and are lined with silicone and that the tapes contain latex. You are responsible for alerting Stylist of any allergies before installation.


  • You understand you must arrive on time to ensure I receive my full service. If you are running late, we will do everything we can to accommodate you. If you are excessively late, please keep in mind that we may have to reschedule your appointment.


  • We regret that we cannot be responsible for loss or damage of personal articles. Please keep all valuables with you during your service.


  • You acknowledge the aftercare advice has been provided to you and you agree to adhere to it.


  • You acknowledge and explanation of our appointment bookings and cancellations policy has been provided to you.

  • We accept Visa and MasterCard, cash or debit cards. No personal cheques, PayPal, or bank transfer.


Stylist warrants that all Services provided hereunder will be provided in a diligent manner that meets or exceeds generally acceptable industry standards. Clients have 14 days from date of service to reach out to the Stylist with any concerns.

Refund Policy:

I understand as my hair loss system is made to order that it is not refundable under any circumstances. Any form of replacement is only considered if the product is faulty. In the event you are not satisfied with the service provided by the stylist, Authentic Locks agrees to fix any issue regarding service 14 days from the installation of your hair loss system. After this grace period, you agree there shall be no free services/alterations and additional charges may apply for any additional services.


You acknowledge and agree that the time required to install your hair loss system varies by method and technique etc. and that Stylist makes no guarantees regarding the performance of services being completed with your timeframe. You are encouraged to schedule Your appointment on a day when you have no time restraints.