Raw hair preparation course

Our Raw Hair Preparation Course – Learn the Basics From the Experts

At Authentic Locks we are not only qualified in hair extensions but we are also master wig makers who hold qualifications in hair preparation that goes in –depth into historical methods of drawing hair and colour blending that few people in the UK know! Our knowledge and teaching means that our raw hair preparation course will not only save you hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds, but it will also mean that you are drawing, tipping and blending your own hair to the absolute best quality it can be.

More and more salons and extensionists are looking to save money on hair and are wanting to buy hair in its bulk form. However only a small minority in this country actually truly know what to do with this hair.

The truth is that if you are buying good quality bulk hair it is only going to be of a cheaper cost if you are buying it in its single–drawn original format. Buying packet double drawn hair you really have no guarantee what you are getting as hair is often mixed, miss-labelled, and miss-sold.

Most of this “double drawn” hair is made in China or India. You would certainly not purchase genuine Russian or Brazilian, or European hair at prices of say £30-£60 per 100g double drawn and it be genuine. Please do not be fooled! This brings us to why most salons/ extensionists have a desire to gain the benefits of using raw hair BUT, unfortunately, it is not that simple.

Many salons are using raw hair and quoting that they are “colour blending” or removing short hairs within the salon when in fact they are simple tipping hair through a drawing mat, and classing simply drawing multiple colours as blending. This also leaves the hair terribly single drawn. During this incorrect process they are wasting/losing a lot of hair from simply not being educated or taught anything about hair preparation.

Our raw hair preparation course is a day course which includes a free up-skilling session should you feel you need any on-going help and/or assistance.

The price for the raw hair preparation course is £575 per person (this includes kit).
You can also combine this and a wefting course for £1000

What you will cover…

• Tipping: I-tip, mini tip, U-tip, flat- tip and nano
• Drawing hair economically without loss
• Different glue types and their benefits
• Subtle highlighting
• Bold highlighting
• Hair types and background, how can you tell what you’re getting?
• Piano blending and hackle blending
• Full colour blending to match samples
How to properly convert your single drawn hair to double drawn hair

Please text/whatsapp Lisa on 07568 534654 if you are interested in this course and we can discuss and/or arrange a call back for you.

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