Learn to Double Draw Hair

Our Double Draw Hair Course – Learn the Basics From the Experts

More and more salons and extensionists are looking to save money on hair and are wanting to buy hair in its bulk form. However if you want very high quality hair at a reasonable price you are generally only going to be able to obtain this in its single drawn state.

The difference in cost can be huge in high quality hairs such as Russian, and European with double drawn hair costing often over double the amount of single drawn. This is because you are effectively paying for someone else to do the labour for you and trust me, these countries have people queuing up to buy their luxury hair so are not that desperate to double draw hair for you at a cheap price.

This fact is leading to many salons mis-selling hair to their customers, as they do not want to pay the higher prices for double drawn luxury hair and also are unsure of how to double draw this hair properly themselves.

Authentic Locks have seen a massive increase of salons stating its fitting double drawn hair when in fact they are merely fitting single drawn hair and cutting a large amount of taper off the end just to make the ends looks deceivingly full. But as the hair wears this will become apparent and the clients supposed ‘double drawn’ hair will start to look thin and tatty on the ends. This leads to unhappy customers, not to mention a bad reputation.

We see why salons may think this is the way to go as the truth is that if you are buying any luxury quality bulk hair it is only going to be of a cheaper cost if you are buying it in its single drawn format. Buying packet double drawn hair you really have no guarantee what you are getting as hair is often mixed, mis-labelled, and mis-sold.

This brings us to why most salons/ extensionists have a desire to gain the benefits of using raw hair BUT, unfortunately, it is not that simple if their clients want double drawn hair at a competitive price

At Authentic Locks we are not only qualified in hair extensions but we are also master wig makers that hold qualifications in hair preparation that goes in–depth into historical methods of drawing hair that few people in the UK know! Our knowledge and teaching will not only save you hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds, but it will also mean that you are offering your clients the best quality hair possible at the most competitive price possible!

Our double draw hair course is a day course which includes a free up-skilling session should you feel you need any on-going help and/or assistance.


Prices for the course are…..

Price of the course is £1000 per person including kit

We can combine this with the wefting or the raw hair preparation course for £1375, or both for £1850


We also sell our hair drawing brushes and hair drawing kit to people in the trade who have not trained with us. Prices for these are as follows…

Drawing Brushes £535

Drawing Kit £120


What you will cover…

  • How to properly convert your single drawn hair to double drawn hair
  • How to tie and store your hair lengths properly
  • Ratios to draw at a time to eliminate loss of any hair
  • What are hair combings and what should be done with these?
  • Ideas and suggestions to use up your shorter lengths of hair


Please text/whatsapp Lisa on 07568 534654 if you are interested in this course and we can discuss and/or arrange a call back for you.


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