Hand tied wefting course

Our Hand Tied Wefting Course – Learn the Basics From the Experts

Hand tied wefting course are all the rage in Liverpool and Manchester and are slowly becoming more and more popular over the whole of the UK.

Why? Well for a number of reasons… The first and most obvious is, as they are a handmade item you can pick and source exactly what hair they are made from meaning when these are hand made in the UK it is generally because the person making it wants a guarantee it is going to be luxury hair. As many hair experts well know buying packet wefts is risky. You really have no guarantee what you are getting as hair is so often mixed, miss-labelled and miss-sold.

So no stripy wefts that don’t match properly or thin machine made wefts that have to be doubled, sometimes tripled over to make them look half decent, just good quality, perfectly blended wefts.

They also DO NOT SHED! We have to stress this fact as we see so many salons now advertising machine wefts lasting over one year (one we have recently seen even attempting to state 5 years!) This is simply not true. A machine sewn weft is not made in the same way as a hand tied weft and over time they do shed hair! Yes, you may find some of good hair quality, but a machine sewn weft would certainly not last 5 years with no shedding. You would be lucky if it lasted one year!

Ladies in Liverpool and Manchester will be sure to tell you hand tied wefts are the best wefts around! Some ladies are wearing these for 3 years + (virgin Russian hair)

The demand for people who know how to hand tie wefts is now rising rapidly. Some people learn and simply offer very successful re-wefting / hair wefting services. Or they are making money out of purely making wefts from bulk hair from scratch and selling and or fitting them.

If you want to offer the best quality wefts our hand tied wefting course is the course for you!

The price for the hand tied wefting course is £575 per person (this includes kit)
You can also combine this with our raw hair preparation course for £1000 for the 2 courses.

What you will cover….

• Basics of drawing hair
• How to set up the wefting platforms.
• 3 point wefting
• Sealing and encasement
• Advised weights
• How to look after and maintain a hand tied weft properly (many do not know this!)
• Basics of highlighting

Please text/whatsapp Lisa on 07568 534654 if you are interested in this course and we can discuss and/or arrange a call back for you.

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