Certified Full Wigs and Volumizing Systems

There are so many wigs and hair systems to chose from on the market how do you know which one is right for you? Firstly, if you are considering having a bespoke wig made you should take into consideration that the company you are using is a certified Wig Maker.

Authentic Locks are specialists, and certified in Wig Making and can create many different styles of wigs such as a Full Lace Wig, Front Lace Wig, custom bespoke made wig, wavy or curly wigs, even high-lighted wigs.

To create and complete our bespoke Wigs, as an example, we hand craft and knot 70,000 individual hairs. – Craftsmanship! It takes an enormous amount of intricate skill, technique, know-how and patients to complete. In the UK alone statistics show that over 70% of people are unhappy with their natural hair quality or hair quantity and therefore require our bespoke made to measure wigs.

To compliment our Wig Making Service we offer a Wig Repair Service where we mend all types of wigs, from re knotting due to shedding to adding additional colour with a few highlights. We specialize in wig making for the modern woman and for people who have suffered from hair loss due to alopecia, cancer treatments and other medical conditions. We are able to cater to all ethnic backgrounds together with diverse styles and textures.

We also have celebrity wigs that you would see Beyonce, Tyra Banks and even Jessica Simpson wearing!

At Authentic Locks we want to make choosing the right system as hassle free as possible for you. Below, we have some of the most commonly used terms and what they mean, as well as all the information you need to help you choose the right system for you.


This is the technical term for wigs and volumising systems. These include full wigs, partial wigs and volumising systems.


These are full wigs, generally structured from thin translucent, breathable skins and/or very fine lace to give a very comfortable and natural fit.


(partial) SYSTEMS These are used to help with partial hair loss and are normally are situated on the top part of the head. They can be constructed from various materials, such as very fine lace and are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Volumising system/ Toupee Base Cap


These are just like Ladies’ Systems but are specifically designed with men in mind. They are normally structured from a fine breathable material and can be used to cover full hair loss and partial hair loss.
Ladies’ and Men’s Full Systems are made from the same materials and using the same techniques – the main differences being the styling and lengths.

At Authentic Locks we only use the finest quality materials and pride ourselves on using only the finest craftsmanship in the construction of all of our systems.

All our Systems are hand-made from the finest quality Human Hair, but we can craft synthetic wigs to your specifications on request. Please enquire for prices.

The base caps of these wigs are hand-tied, with lace or mono tops and machine wefted sides and backs. These wigs are custom made in small, medium and large and colour variations such as highlights can be added as required.

Full lace/mono hand tied wigs are bespoke and only custom made.

Prices available on application.

We only use the very latest techniques in hand-knotting and colouring to ensure a beautiful, flawless and completely natural look. Below we have a comparison chart to show you why the systems we use at Authentic Locksmake us the very best choice.

Most Ready Made Wigs Authentic Locks Custom Made Systems
Poor quality hair, limited movement, dull and lifeless Highest quality human hair, vibrant colours, and alive with natural movement and bounce
Cap structures uncomfortable and itchy Finest French lace, breathable materials, comfortable to wear all day, no irritation
Heavy, Thick hair density Lightweight, much finer Human Hair gives realistic and natural movement
Unnatural hairlines Fine lace fronts, graduated hairlines, natural looking hairlines
Poor Colour Matching Hair colour and textures are blended by hand to your exact specifications. Highlights, lowlights and greys all incorporated.
Ill-fitting, wig does not sit right Individually custom made to create the perfect fit for your hairline.

At Authentic Locks we offer you honest advice, no unnecessary jargon, and superb craftsmanship.
If, however, the final finished effect is not to your satisfaction, we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

Lace Fronted Full Hair Replacement Systems and Hair Types

Hair Loss sufferers need not worry anymore. At last through Authentic Locks, it is now possible to have an incredible natural look with Authentic Locks Lace. Lace gives the complete look of natural, growing hair.

Our front lace and Full Lace systems use technology widely used by world renowned film stars and singers for years. Now through Authentic Locks, their secret it is available to you at very affordable prices. Our Lace is so fine, it is virtually undetectable.

Each individual hair (up to 70,000!) is lovingly hand-knotted to the lace giving an incredible natural hairline.

Swiss Lace Base for Bespoke Wigs

With Authentic Locks Systems the hair, colour, texture and density prove such an incredible match to your original hair line that, no matter what your lifestyle, you can still enjoy your daily life with complete confidence.

We only use the highest quality human hair for all our wigs using fine Swiss lace for durability and comfort and is used for our bespoke made to measure range.

Most of these wigs can also be made in synthetic fibre. Please enquire for individual prices.

The base caps of these wigs are hand tied, lace/ mono tops and machine wefted sides and backs.

These wigs are semi custom made in small, medium and large and colour variations such as highlights and lowlights can be added as required.

Full lace/mono hand tied wigs are bespoke and only custom made.


When you send us your hair sample, we will be able to match it from our very wide selection of human hair varieties.

European Hair

– This hair has not been colour processed and as it is in a virgin state, it holds its colour perfectly. It is straight and soft. This hair is the purest but most expensive.

Asian Hair

– this hair is as European Hair but is just fractionally coarser than European.

Asian Processed Hair

– this hair is the same diameter hair as Asian non-Processed hair but as the hair is coloured, it is just slightly more porous. This hair is the most widely used in all our systems and has the most wonderful texture together with excellent condition. Perfect for Caucasian hair.

Chinese Processed Hair

– this is slightly coarser than Asian hair and is most commonly used for people with thick hair and for Afro – Caribbean hair. This hair will normally have a Yaki texture (similar to the texture of relaxed hair) which makes it ideal for Afro/Caribbean clients.

All of our hair is Remy aligned. This means that the cuticles on the hair surface are aligned leading to a more natural flow and less tangling.
When ordering a Authentic Locks Wig we require a 50% non-refundable deposit after the first fitting with the balance on delivery . The wig system is guaranteed for up to 5 months.

TTo visit us, or ask any questions, simply call 0113 268 7637.


So simple to do! For the client with fine or thinning hair, Volumize is a custom made hair piece. For more information contact us

Volumize is attached to the hair using the Link Systemâ„¢ and then inter-woven with the client’s hair. -the blend is so natural you forget it’s not your own hair!

How To Care For Your Authentic Locks Wig

Do Not..

DO NOT expose to heat in excess of 160* (example opening an oven door)
DO NOT use any heated appliances on synthetic fibre Wigs.

How do I put on my wig?

Fix your own hair by pinning back or wearing a wig cap. Hold wig by the back for first time use shake it out! Loosen any Velcro straps or hooks in the back of the wig used for adjusting. Hold the wig by the sides and put it on your head. Position the wig until it is comfortable and in a natural position.

Caring for my

Authentic Locks Wig
1) Place your wig into bowl of warm water.
2) Add 2 tea spoons of Authentic Locks Moisturising Shampoo.
3) Gently massage hair and rinse in fresh warm water.
4) Pat hair and add a little Authentic Locks Moisturising Conditioner and comb through and rinse.

Caring for my Human Hair wig

After following the wash instructions as above it is very important to hold with one hand the root hair together with the wig base and then with the other hand gently brush the hair starting from the ends going up to the roots. Brush very gently at the area of the root and the wig base. It is recommended to have two or three wigs a year so that you can interchange them.

Can I use styling products with my new wig?

You can use styling products such as mousse, serum, sparkle and shine and light hairsprays. Make sure you read the instructions on the Authentic Locks products.

Styling My Authentic Locks Wig

Use a wire brush, or your fingertips. Whilst your wig has been designed with a basic style, you can achieve many variations of styles, by gently lifting or gentle back combing. To regain the original style just brush thoroughly and when cleaning allow to air dry.

You must…

Brush Synthetic fibre Wigs ONLY when dry.
Use products specifically designed for wigs. For example the Authentic Locks range of hair care product. These are unique as they can be used on synthetic fibre and human hair.

What is the difference between Synthetic Fibre Hair and Human Hair?

Synthetic fibre is pre styled and therefore easy to maintain and much cheaper than Human hair wigs. However Human hair wigs need styling but are more natural and will last much longer and can be coloured to some degree.

How long does a synthetic fibre wig last?

You will get up to 12 weeks wear from your wig, if you are a daily wearer, after which it may start to go dry on the ends and loses it’s shine, where as a human hair wig can last 18 months.

Monofilament Wigs

The monofilament in the wig is the cap within the wig. This has a special construction which gives great comfort and wearability. As shown in the diagram, the construction is very comfortable because of the weaving technique, which provides excellent ventilation. And will match your own individual scalp colour.

What makes some wigs more expensive than others?

The price of a wig depends on the materials used in the construction of the wig. Synthetic wigs are generally much cheaper than Human hair, and a more durable lightweight wig will raise the price. The expertise of the wigmaker and the beauty and quality of the eventual product will also determine the price, as will the method used in its construction, with a hand-knotted wig being more expensive.

Can Authentic Locks colour match?

Yes, all you have to do is send us a sample of your hair and we will be more than happy to colour match it to your exact specifications.

Do you have a catalogue?

No, Authentic Locks does not print a catalogue. New products are added to the site frequently, so you need to visit the website regularly to keep up-dated with all the latest wigs, Hair extensions and non surgical hair replacement & accessories.

Do you have a centre?

Yes we do have a Wig centre in Leeds, where we offer fitting and maintenance and repair service. We are also a UK-based Internet Retailer and deliver to all countries. We also offer a consultation service by appointment. All queries can also be dealt with by e-mail.

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