Wig Repair & Alteration

Wig Repair Service

Renew your hairpiece now and feel like a new women. The thickness of the hair in any wig will thin from general wear over time. Many women like a thick full head of hair, just as their own hair was when perhaps they were younger and it was naturally thick and now want to look ten years younger.

Or there are other people who have always wanted thick hair. Because our wigs are made out of a mesh system, our hairpieces never look heavy around the hairline, which can sometimes happen with a lace wig. For a best looking wig and to keep it looking natural get your wig checked every 12 weeks.

The hair sheds from regular natural brushing, or from wigs made of non superior quality. When your wig begins to thin or you just want a fuller head of hair for your wig we will happily fix, repair, re-style your wig or hairpiece personally to your requirements.

A touch of Colour

Wig repair and refurbishmentPerhaps you bought your wig without any colour in it and now you would like to have it restyled with highlights or add a touch of colour. Wigs get damaged from sunlight and chlorine from pools, so adding a touch of colour can regain the vitality of your wig.

Restoring your wig is as important for you as it would be having your own hair styled. Our Wig repair services can fix the smallest rip, tear or hair strand loss from our private Authentic Locks salon and Consultancy in North Leeds.

We recommend having your wig checked every twelve weeks, as this will prolong the use of the wig. Many of our clients are sending newly bought wigs, purchased somewhere else in for repairs.

We do offer this service by mail however if you choose to select a mail repair please note whilst we endeavour to make the fitting as accurate as possible please allow for the possibility of a slight difference of the perfect fit. For this service we tend to use a cap base with a certain use of self adjustment in it to allow for this need. For the absolute bespoke fit and bespoke look we offer it by a personalised consultation at our centre in North Leeds.


1) HAIR ADDITIONS: £15 per square centimetre where there is no hair at all on the lace. Areas where we are filling in thinning patches of lace: £15.00 per square centimetre.
2) NEW LACE AND FRONT PARTIAL AND HAIR ADDITION (of 1inch wide or less): 6 inch to 12 inch length of new lace with existing hair on £200.00)
3) As ABOVE: but 12″ lengths or more: £50.00 extra per every 2 inches of length.
4) FRONT FULL CAP: £350 if it goes from ear to ear. Additions to £15 per Cm. square
5) As above 12″ or more: £50.00 per every 2inches of length
6) Base repair (TEAR) from £30 and adding hair from £15 Cm. Square
7) Refresh colour: £80.00
8) Cutting Styling from £50.00
9) Density: min. £15 per cm square
10) Curl: From £60
11) Highlights: From £100

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