How to choose a wig system


Let us explain what a wig system is.

Keeping it simple:
For Women, wig and volumizing systems are now called SYSTEMS.

Full Systems
are generally structured from thin translucent, breathable skins and / or very fine lace to give a very comfortable and natural fit.

Volumizing (partial) SYSTEMS are normally for the top part of the head. Various materials are used in this structure such as very fine lace and intergration meche.

Mens Systems (toupees), are normally structured from breathable fine skins.

Ladies and Men Full Systems
are made from the same materials the main difference being the length of hair.

At Authentic Locks we can assure and guarantee you of using the finest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship. All our Systems are hand-made from the finest quality Human Hair.

The very latest techniques in hand knotting and colouring to ensure an incredibly natural and undetectable look.
Below is comparison chart which explains why The Authentic Locks Wig System is the best.

Most Ready Made Wigs Authentic Locks Hair
Poor Quality, Limited Movement, Dull And Lifeless
Cap Structures Are Poor Quality And Uncomfortable
Heavy Thick Hair Density
Heavy And Un-Natural Hairlines
Poor Colour Match
Bad Fitting Due To General Sizing
Highest Quality Human Hair, Vibrant Colour And Alive With Natural Movement.
Finest Natural Lace,Latest Thin Skin And Breathable Materials Used, Allowing The Scalp To Breath, No Irritation
Incredible Lightweight Materials, Allows Much Finer Density Of Hair To See The Tone Of The Scalp And Natural Movement
Fine Lace Fronts And Graduated Hair Line Densities, Gives The Most Natural Undetectable Hair Lines.
Hair Colour And Textures Are Blended By Hand To Give An Incredible Blend (Inc. Grey Blends)
Individually Custom Made To Create A Perfect Fit.

We only use the highest quality human hair for all our wigs using fine Swiss lace for durability and comfort and is used for our bespoke made to measure range.

Most of these wigs can also be made in synthetic fibre. Please enquire for individual prices.

The base caps of these wigs are hand tied , lace/ mono tops and machine wefted sides and backs.
These wigs are semi custom made in small, medium and large. Colour variations such as hi lights can be added as required.

We offer an internet mail order service. Whilst we endeavor to make the fitting as accurate as possible, please allow the possibility of a slight difference for a perfect fit. For this service we tend to use a cap base with a certain amount of self adjustment in it to allow for this. For the absolute bespoke fit and bespoke look we recommend a personalised consultation at our centre in Leeds.

Full lace/mono hand tied wigs are bespoke and only custom made.

Prices on application.

How-to-Choose-a Wig System

Bespoke base cap, very fine sheer mono/lace

How-to-Choose-a Wig System

Fine and durable mono/lace is used for ladies partial volumising systems as well as men’s replacement systems .

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