Hair Replacement For Women

Hair Replacement For Women

Authentic Locks Volumising Crown Extension Systems

If there is only partial hair loss, a perfect answer to this is a Partial Volumising system. Hair Replacement For Women is best described as piece that fits over the areas needed to be volumised/replaced. Attached daily with clips .Hair Replacement is very important for women as it can give women tremendous confidence and return the thickness and lustre of their hair back to its original state of years before.

Volumising hair systems are used to create volume and length to areas of the head where the client has very fine and /or thinning hair( more often the top of the head).

Hair Replacement Volumising hair systems are normally made from lace(breathable) and very fine PU skin.

Human hair is knotted onto the base, to give an amazingly natural look.

The Hair Replacement for Women volumising hair system will give beautiful hair extensions from the crown giving fullness and volume to the sides and length as well as the top of the head.

The volumising systems can be clipped on the the head for daily use or using our unique form of attachment using the LINK SYSTEM, for 6 weeks at a time.

Volumising systems are the perfect way of transforming your look.

Unique to Authentic Locks is the Link Method of attachment for your volumising system. This means your system becomes as one with your own hair and so is totally undetectable.

Tiny LINKS are attached to your system. The system is then placed to the desired area. When this is done,your own hair is pulled through the Links and connected with “The Link System” crimpers.

There is no damage to your own hair and you sleep, shower, swim and live normally with your fabulous, Hair Replacement System.

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