Hair Replacement For Children

Hair Replacement for Children – Understanding the causes and finding the cures

Hair replacement for children - Kelly

In the UK some 300,000 children have partial or total hair loss at any one time.

This can be very stressful for children and can also open them to ridicule from their friends and peers.

The causes can be many fold:
Tinea capitis
A contagious fungal infection of the scalp, also sometimes called scalp ringworm. No worms involved, but the fungus can cause hair to fall out by the roots in large round patches.

Alopecia Areata
A mysterious hair loss that can range from small patches to complete hair loss. Some believe there is a genetic component here, as well as a connection to a nervous/ immune system condition in which the immune system itself attacks the root hairs.

Traction Alopecia
This comes from constant pulling of the hair too tight in hairstyles ranging from braids to pigtails. This can damage the root, causing hair to fall out.

The compulsion to pull one’s own hair out causing patchy hair loss.

Hair replacement for children - Jake

Some of the most common causes of temporary hair loss in children requiring short-term hair replacement solutions

Emotional stress, high fever or flu –can sometimes cause hair to fall out until the next growth phase when it begins to grow back.

Chemotherapy/radiation treatments – this temporary form of Alopecia is caused by the intensive medications used to kill the Cancer.

There are however a number of solutions for hair replacement for children.

Synthetic wigs ; this is a low cost solutions at about £80. Whilst they are a low cost fix, they do look rather “wiggy” and only last a short while. They can be bought or given by the NHS but will not last more than a few months before they start to look “tired” and lifeless. Also they cannot be blow-dried or styled and you have to shampoo with care.

Human hair full wig systems are far more popular and wearable, because of their natural look and lightness in weight and do not tend to cause itching.

The system can be washed and styled as your own hair and very natural to look at.

A lace base is perfect for comfort and fit and if made correctly, will allow the hair to flow and move very naturally.

A made to measure system, whilst a little more expensive than a stock system ,will make a perfect fit and moulds to shape of the head. This ensures complete confidence for the wearer without the worry of slipping. This means that the wig maker will create a template to the shape of the child’s head and on that mark out the parting and direction of the hair.

Then preferred colours and highlights together with the required length are noted. This will take six weeks to make.

If the Hair Replacement for children is required because she/he has alopecia, then this extra investment is worth it as the hair loss can be more long term.

If there is only partial hair loss, a perfect answer to this is a Partial Volumisng system. This is best described as piece that fits over the areas needed to be volumised/replaced. Attached daily with clips so that you can remove the system daily as required.

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