Tipping and Wefting

New for 2015 and by popular demand we have now introduced a pre-tipping and wefting service for weft , bulk or used hair. This is a bespoke tipping and wefting service where we will tip or weft your hair for you or you can send us your used hair for re-bonding/re-wefting which will save you an enormous amount of money compared with having to purchase new hair.

We can tip extensions in strong Italian keratin glue, German keratin glue or softer polyamide adhesive. Italian keratin is the most popular as this is extremely strong and hard wearing which will ensure minimal shedding and maximum extended wear.
You can choose the weight of the strands tipped and our charges are 30p per strand of £30 per 100 strands (I-tip, Mini-tip, Flat-tip, U-tip, and Nano-tip)
We can even custom blend colours and lengths for you to suit your requirements, simply let us know what you require on the order form.

Wefting (Hand-tied)
We can create 3 or 4 point hand tied wefts at your request. All our wefts are sealed as standard and encasement is available at an extra cost. Our wefts are hand tied which again ensures minimal shedding and maximum extended wear.
Prices are £4 per inch width wefted so £40 per 10-11” wide weft but you can request different widths to suit. Encasement costs are £10 per weft up to 6” wide and £15 per weft over 6” wide.
Specific widths of wefts, colour blends etc. can be requested. Hand tied wefts can be encased at request
Again we can custom blend colours at your request.

The handling/turn-around time for either service is usually 3-5 working days depending on how much hair you send us, however this can vary at busier times. All orders are dealt with on a first come first served basis. We will return the hair back to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery (before 1pm) which gives full insurance should any problems arise. If you require before 9am or Saturday guaranteed delivery service (there will be an extra charge for this dependant on weight), please note this on the order from or at the time of order.

Once we have received your order, we will contact you to arrange payment.
If you wish to use this service, please email us to discuss and confirm. You will need to print the email details off, sign the order form and terms and conditions and then include them in the parcel you send to us.

If you wish to have your order sent to us direct from another supplier, please still print them off, fill them in and post them back to us as we need your signature on both forms before we can proceed with the pre-tipping service.

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