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At Authentic Locks we realise the importance of image. People these days really do care about their hair! Your hair can change the way you feel on a day to day basis so it is of high importance that our service is bespoke to suit each individual client’s needs.

Our service can transform your look completely either by adding length, volume, thickness, and even subtle or bold highlighting!

Our Authentic Locks hair supply company take pride in supplying the finest quality Russian hair. All our hair is sourced ethically within Russia itself.

Fine, thin or short hair can all be transformed into new luscious long thick locks.

Russian hair is the superior hair choice for anyone of white origin as it is very fine and silky, full of luster and retains its elasticity. Russia are also one of the very few countries that do not over-process or mix their hair. They know their hair is the best and they want to keep it that way.

As there are a lot of people with natural light shades of hair in Russia they do not have the need to over colour hair like they do in say China or India. Russian hair can reach even the lightest blondes very easily, with little or no lifting at all. The less hair is coloured and processed means the better the quality stays hence why Russia’s pre-coloured hair can last up to 3 years and their virgin hair even longer!

Yes you can obtain Chinese and Indian hair at a lower price but the quality will not be as high. This is because their hair is very dark to start off with so it is firstly stripped by dipping it in acid then highly coloured and coated in silicone. The silicone coating is applied as the acid spoils the hairs cuticles making the hair weak, fragile and coarse. The silicone gives a false feeling of a silky texture initially, but this washes off after just a couple of washes and leaves the hair dry, coarse, unmanageable and subject to matting and tangling.

We get increasingly frustrated by the amount of extensionists advertising and mis-selling hair when they have simply not researched the hairs true origin or carried out any form of testing on the hair. We cannot stress enough not be fooled by prices that are too good to be true.

A big pointer is that I-tipped hair does not even exist in Russia! So unless an extensionist is charging a very high price or tipping hair themselves then it simply will not be real Russian hair. China and India produce I-tipped hair in mass bulk so there are a lot of suppliers just buying hair from these countries pre-tipped, re-branding it with a fancy name and advertising, and selling it as ‘Russian’ hair. A good indicator is how long the hair lasts. Top grade Russian hair lasts a VERY long time, not 8-9 months etc. Don’t believe the hype!

At your Authentic Locks consultation we will always let you see and feel our hair in it’s raw state so you know what you are getting. All the hair we supply and use is hand picked by us and we never purchase hair based on ‘certificates’ or previous good quality. Each and every batch of our hair is tested and verified for quality by us. This ensures we have full confidence that all the hair we offer is of the highest quality all of the time!

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