Hair Extensions Maintenance Services

Hair Extensions Maintenance services
To keep your hair extensions and your own hair in correct condition you will need to have hair extensions maintenance appointments. These are every 8-10 weeks on our Easy-link methods and approximately every 6 weeks on tape or weft methods. Authentic Locks maintenance appointments are very in depth and a lot of time and care is taken to keep your hair looking in tip top condition.
Your full hair extensions maintenance appointment will include….
  • Moving all extensions back to their correct position.
  • Replacing old links with new.
  • Re-gluing of all tips to prevent shedding (our glue has been tested in shampoo and water for 100 hours+ so is the very best on the market).
  • Ensuring your own hair is in good condition and is tangle free.
  • Putting back in any hair extensions that may have come out within this duration.

Hair extensions maintenance prices

Service Graduate Stylist Graduate & Senior stylist (express service) Senior stylist
Micro Ring Maintenance
Below Full head £27/hour £35/hour £45/hour
Full Head £85.00 £105.00 £125.00
Extra Full Head or over £95.00 £115.00 £135.00
Removals (any method) £27/hour £35/hour £45/hour
Removal due to service with us (any method) £10.00 £35/hour £45/hour
Micro Duo (Weft & Rings) £80.00 £90.00 £100.00
Weft £70.00 £80.00 £90.00
Refit (all methods) £115.00 £130.00 £145.00
Luxury Maintenance (advised every 3rd Maintenance)
Removal then Olaplex 2 step treatment with Niamh, trim of own hair, re fit of extensions £150.00 £160.00 £170.00

**Please be aware that if you go over the recommended time-scale for your maintenance we cannot be held responsible for the condition of your hair or your extensions. We will also require you to have a full refit service rather than a normal maintenance so we can properly remove matting or tangling that may have occurred due to the extensions not being cared for within the correct time-scales.

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