Indian Temple Hair Extensions

Authentic Locks are proud to announce we are now sourcing a very high grade of Indian temple hair on tape and weft for those clients that prefer a different fitting method to our famous easy-link system. This hair is collected from donors who donate their hair at temples as part of a religious sacrifice to god. It is cuticle correct double drawn hair that will last 6-12 months depending on the shade of hair chosen. The hair has a slight wave and is 18-20” in length.

Deposit is £100 on all Indian Temple Hair methods

Indian Temple hair Micro Weft or Braidless Sew-In Weave
Extra full head only is available for either method costing £325

Micro Weft – This method is a weft of hair- similar to how clip in extensions are used only there is no need to remove at night and re fit every time you wish to wear them.
The weft is attached using your natural hair, clamping in place using our easy links. Flexibility isn’t as good as the singular strands in our bespoke Russian extensions but you can still wear your hair up, down and style as you wish. The micro Weft is both comfortable and affordable to wear and is very popular with those that are new to extensions and short term special occasions.
Maintenance is required every 6 weeks and is priced at £60.

Braidless Sew-In Weave – The Braidless Sew-In Weave at Authentic Locks is fantastic for creating length and thickness all in an instant, LA Weave is a fitting technique where by the extensions are joined to your natural hair again using our kind easy-links. The rings are clamped comfortably onto your own hair. A weft is then sewn to the easy-link which will act as a stud for the weft. With an Braidless Sew-In Weave your hair can be pulled up in a ponytail without ever seeing tracks or huge bumps and lumps.
Maintenance is required every 6 weeks and is priced at £60.


Weft/Micro Duo method
Limitless hair price £485

Our new weft/micro duo method is perfect for those who want massive hair but still want great flexibility! You can fit a lot more hair in with this method as you are combining the thickness of wefts (at the bottom and middle of your hair) but using the great flexibility you get from easy-links/micro rings at the top. You can fit 200g of hair in with this method possibly more! Maintenance is required every 6-8 weeks and is priced at £80

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