Bespoke Russian Wefts

Bespoke, hand tied Russian hair wefts are all the rage in Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham! Be the first to get yours here in Yorkshire.

These wefts are truly amazing!

They are made to measure and specially blended for you meaning you can have any colour blend or thickness that you personally require. At your consultation we discuss the look you want to achieve and get your exact measurements and requirements then your fantastic Russian wefts are created especially for you!

No buying cheap machine wefts and doubling over and sewing to try and get them to look thick instead of cheap and tatty.

At Authentic Locks we understand not everyone wants (nor can have in some cases) extensions in all of the time. But why should this mean you have to have cheap remy clips ins which shed like crazy and are ruined in a few months? Well now you don’t as we are the only service in Yorkshire which will make you your very own hand tied, bespoke, made to measure Russian hair wefts

Our wefts are not only the best quality you will get but they are also very competitively priced! (Prices in Liverpool now for these has shot up from £500-£800 to a whopping £800-£1200)

Each weft measures 10-11 inch in width and is 95% double drawn. For smaller or larger wefts please email us to obtain a quote.

Prices Per Weft are as follows….
Silver Class hair Gold Class hair Weft Weight
12inch £110 12inch £143 12 Inch – 25 grams
14inch £121 14inch £165 14 Inch – 30 grams
16inch £132 16inch £187 16 Inch – 35 grams
18inch £143 18inch £209 18 Inch – 40 grams
20inch £154 20inch £231 20 Inch – 45 grams
22inch £165 22inch £253 22 Inch – 50 grams
24inch £176 24inch £275 24 Inch – 55 grams

Russian Wefts – Some Sample Images

Russian Wefts - Silver Class

*Silver Class hair
(lasts up to 1 year, sometimes longer)

Russian Wefts - Gold Class

**Gold Class hair
(lasts up to 3 years)

***Weights are as a guide and may vary slightly from what is quoted

Weft Guide for medium to thick hair

1-2 wefts for adding volume & thickness.

2-3 wefts for adding length and volume

3-4 wefts for adding long lengths

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