Bespoke Russian Hair Extensions

Slavic hair extensions today are massive in the UK and worldwide with luxury extensions costing a whopping £500-£4000 in high end cities! At Authentic Locks we can provide you with the same service but at a much more realistic price tag. We believe in top value for money with an outstanding service each and every time, which is one of the many reasons we have a large regular client base that continually return to us.

For individual hair extensions we generally stock hair in lengths of 12″ up to 22″. However, we do often have longer hair from 24″ and above in stock occasionally or this can be ordered in for you at request. (If this is something you require please ask for more info). All our hair is double drawn for super volume.

Silver Grade – South Russian Pre-Coloured

This hair is collected in former Soviet Union countries below the southern boarders of Russia. It is cuticle correct & double drawn so the ends are full and thick. This hair is used widely across the UK as it is easily sourced. Many salons sell this hair as their premium quality hair advising clients that it will last 1-2 years, this is simply not true. This hair will last 9-12 months with correct aftercare.

Gold Grade – Luxury Slavic Pre-Coloured Hair

This hair is the first of our luxury range. It is collected from central and southern regions of Russia and the Ukraine and North Europe. It is only very lightly processed to achieve its colour. This hair can come from a few different donors and it is generally only straight or has a very slight wave. It is cuticle correct luxury hair & all the short strands of hair have been removed by us within the salon ensuring a super thick voluminous look where the ends are full & thick. This hair can last from 1-3 years, sometimes longer.

Platinum Class (Special Order)

This hair is sourced from small rural parts of Northern Russia Ukraine/Europe. It is super fine & low in density, making it the most silky soft hair available in the world today. Each pony tail of this hair is cut from one single donors head therefore keeping its great range of pure textures such as, mega fine/silky, naturally wavy and curly hair. When this hair is collected it will only be harvested if it is virgin hair or the hair has only ever been very lightly tinted (with no ammonia) by the donor. This means you really are getting the highest grade of luxury hair. As usual to give it its shade It is only very lightly processed to achieve its colour. As always at Authentic Locks the short stands of hair have been removed leaving you with much thicker hair that looks more full & luxurious. This hair lasts 2-4 years sometimes longer.

Micro Rings

Individual hair extensions using micro rings are the safest, kindest method for hair on the market today. These hair extensions are great for all hair types but are especially recommended for fine or damaged hair, or short-mid length hair styles.

Silver Grade Hair
– Not available

Gold Grade Hair –
Shorter Styles 8-12”
¼ head £125, ½ head £165, ¾ head £250
Full head £325, Extra full £385, Limitless £450

¾ head £350
Full head £440
Extra Full Head £530
Limitless £630
22” £30 extra 24” £60 extra

Platinum Grade Hair –
¾ head £410
Full head £505
Extra Full Head £600
Limitless £720
22” £35 extra 24” £70 extra

Micro Duo Method

Our weft/micro duo method is perfect for those who want to fit as much hair in as possible but still want great flexibility. The method combines the thickness of wefts/braidless weave/Micro Weft at the bottom and middle of your hair whilst still giving you great flexibility at the top using micro rings. This method is suitable for people with normal-thick hair that is at least mid-length to begin with. You can get at least 25g more hair in on this method than your head would take from just individuals so if you like to get your hair as thick as it can possible be then this is the method for you as you can probably go a higher thickness level than with individuals. The maintenance time is slightly shorter with you needing maintenance at 7-9 weeks rather than 8-10 but it is slightly faster and cheaper. This is a great all-round method but is not really suited to very fine or very damaged hair.

Silver Grade (18-20” Only) –

Full head – Not available
Extra full head – £370
Limitless – £450
Luxury Silver Grade Wavy Hair 20” available at an extra £20

Gold Grade –

Full Head £420
Extra full £460
Limitless £540

Full Head £440
Extra full £505
Limitless £600

Full Head £470
Extra full £545
Limitless £655

Weft Only (Micro Weft/braidless weave method)

The Micro weft (sometimes known as braidless weave is fantastic for creating long lengths along with thickness. The fitting technique involves micro rings being comfortably clamped to your own hair to create a track. The weft is then sewn to this track where the micro ring acts like a stud for the weft. The weft can be easily pulled up at the bottom into a ponytail without ever seeing tracks or huge lumps or bumps. However, if at the top of your head you like hair fitted very far forwards or high up and you tie your hair up a lot, this may not be the best method for you. In that case we would more recommend the Micro Duo method above. The maintenance time is slightly shorter than the Micro duo method with you needing maintenance at 6-8 weeks, but it is slightly faster and cheaper.

**All Weft Only fitting prices are £25 less than our Micro Duo method prices as weft only is slightly faster to fit

Tape Hair

This is suitable for all medium-long length hair types and is particularly good if you need a fast, express fitting. Tape hair is renowned for being a seamless fit with nearly invisible connection to the natural hair. Maintenance on tape hair can be a little costlier that other methods due to the requirement for maintenance being every 5-6 weeks. The tape used is extremely kind to hair and is even suitable for clients with fine hair.

Silver Grade (18”-20”)
¾ head – £285
Full head – £320
Extra full head – £355
Limitless – £430
Luxury Silver Grade Wavy Hair 20” available at an extra £35-£65

Gold Grade (20” only) –
¾ head – £345
Full head – £395
Extra full head – £445
Limitless – £540

Deposit £40-£100 (non-refundable)
Removal – priced per hour
For maintenance prices please ask or see the Hair Extensions/Maintenance Services page on our website
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