Bespoke Russian Hair Extensions

Russian hair extensions today are massive in the UK and worldwide with luxury extensions costing a whopping £500-£4000 in high end cities! At Authentic Locks we can provide you with the same service but at a much more realistic price tag. We believe in top value for money with an outstanding service each and every time, which is one of the many reasons we have a large regular client base that continually return to us.

We generally stock hair in lengths of 8″ up to 22″. However we do often have longer hair from 24″ and above in stock or this can be ordered in for you at request. If this is something you require please ask for more info. All our hair is double drawn for super volume unless otherwise stated.

Russian Hair Extensions – Specification & Prices

Silver Class – South Russian Pre-Coloured
3/4 head £250
Full head £320
Extra full head £390
22” – 24” £25 extra

This hair is collected in Former Soviet countries and the borders. It is cuticle correct & most of the short strands of hair have been removed within the salon so the ends are full & thick. This hair is used widely across the UK as it is easily sourced. Many salons sell this hair as their premium quality hair advising clients that it will last 1-2 years, this is simply not true. This hair will last 9-12 months maximum with correct aftercare.

Gold Class – Luxury Slavic Pre-coloured
3/4 head £325 (14″ & over)
Full head £410 (14″ & over)
Extra full head £495 (14″ & over)
22” £25 extra 24” £50 extra

Gold Class Shorter Styles (8”-12” hair)
1⁄4 head £110
1⁄2 head £170
3⁄4 head £235
Full head £310

This hair is the first of our luxury range. It is collected from within Russia itself and is only very lightly processed to achieve its colour. This hair can come from a few different Donors mixed together & has been previously. It is cuticle correct luxury hair & all the short strands of hair have been removed by us within the salon ensuring a super thick voluminous look so the ends are full & thick. This hair can last from 1-3 years, sometimes longer.

Platinum Class – Luxury Virgin Hair
3/4 head £375
Full head £450
Extra full head £545
22” £25 extra 24” £50 extra

Platinum Class Shorter Styles (8”-12” hair)
1⁄4 head £140
1⁄2 head £200
3⁄4 head £265
Full head £340

Each pony tail of this hair is cut from one single donors head. It has not been lifted or tinted by collectors whatsoever. When this hair is collected it will only be harvested if the hair has only ever been very lightly tinted (with no ammonia) by the donor so that it truly is top grade luxury hair. The hair is then untouched and is not treated or coloured in anyway thus leaving a great range of pure textures such as naturally wavy and curly hair. Our Platinum hair is Double Drawn, we remove all the short stands of hair from this hair within the salon leaving the hair much thicker & the over all look more full & luxurious. This hair lasts 2-4 years sometimes longer.

Diamond Class – Double Drawn Luxury Raw Virgin Hair
¾ head £670
Full head £810
Extra Full head £950

This hair is sourced from small rural parts of Russia & North Europe & is the best hair available in the world today. Each pony tail is collected from one single donor & the hair has NEVER been coloured/tinted or processed in anyway in its entire life. Each bundle is completely pure & Double Drawn so the hair is the same thickness root to tip. This hair will last up to 5 years as it is fine & low in density. Celebrities often pay well in the region of £4000 for this type of hair. This really is the best hair you will ever get!

Removal £35
Maintenance £25 / £100
Deposit £40 (non-refundable)

This is available on any of the above for an extra £80-£100. This is where we will fit and endless amount of hair in for you, as much hair that is physically possible! This is only recommended for clients with very thick hair.


Authentic Locks Russian hair extensions are a micro ring technology that is our very own system called ‘Easy-links’. These have been specially formulated and branded by us!

These micro rings are the latest technology and are slim, flat and wide meaning easy installation (no tugging and pulling) and they are virtually undetectable! The system uses no heat, sewing, or glue used therefore no damage to your hair. They actually assist your own natural hair to grow in a healthy condition whilst they are in.

They are the safest and most flexible technique of hair extensions on the market today and they combine your hair with the extension hair by means of a very tiny clip. These extensions should then last 8-10 weeks before needing to be removed, re-installed or tightened.

Our system is suitable for all types of hair. They are clamped very securely in place and you should not have any issues with them slipping and falling out.

Many ladies have been put off micro rings due to bad extensions using the incorrect type of rings and bad installation methods. They then find many of them slipping out very quickly. This is not normal & should not be happen if the correct products have been used and they have been fitted properly.

Please be confident that our ‘Easy-links’ are very secure and definitely the best method of extensions installation you will find!

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