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Suppliers of Russian Hair Extensions

We are UK based suppliers of the finest quality Russian hair extensions on the market today. All our hair is 100% genuine Russian human hair that is full of luster and retains its elasticity meaning its quality is second to none. We pride ourselves in providing you with the highest quality hair available so unlike a lot of other ‘Russian’ hair on the market in the UK, our hair is never mixed with other hair types, yak, or synthetic materials.

Our hairs unique journey ensures its premium quality and assures it’s amazing long lifespan. The beginning of its journey starts with hair donors. Before hair is cut from the donor their hair is weaved into plaits to make sure the hair is cuticle correct (Remy). It is then only very lightly coloured (to ensure it retains maximum quality) and tied into colour bundles and cleansed for hygiene. It is only when this thorough process is complete that it comes to us for sale in the UK.

On arrival in the UK our Russian hair is checked and prepared by us to a very high standard. We double draw all our hair removing all shorter hairs for you. We then hold the stock ready for sale in loose bundles or we can provide a bespoke hand tipping service (I-tip/U-tip).

Due to our unique methods of hand blending we are able to blend multiple colours in each strand offering different degrees of highlighting from subtle to bold. We can also make bespoke colour blends to match specific samples. We hope our methods ensure that you can get a perfect colour match for almost anybody.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and products and sincerely hope to become your primary supplier of Russian hair extensions. We are 100% committed to customer service and quality and we believe you will be so satisfied with our products you will return with your custom again and again. Please contact us with any questions or queries and we will be very glad to help you in any way we can.

Our Hair

Russian Hair Extensions

Silver Class – South Russian Pre-Coloured. This Russian hair is collected in former Soviet countries and the boarders. It is cuticle correct & double drawn only so the ends are full & thick. This hair will last 9-12 months but some people have had over 1 year out of this hair. We stock this hair in lengths between 16-24″.Our South Russian hair is generally straight. Please contact us for trade prices on this hair in loose bulk or pre-tipped.

Gold Class – Slavic Pre-coloured. This Russian hair is the first of our luxury range. It is collected from within Russia itself and is only very lightly processed to achieve its colour. This hair can come from a few different Donors mixed together. It is cuticle correct luxury hair & we can sell this in double drawn or single drawn lengths. This hair can last up to 1-3 years, sometimes longer. We stock this hair in lengths between 8-24″. Our slavic pre-coloured hair generally has a natural very slight wave but we sometimes have slightly more wavy ponytails available. Please contact us for trade prices on this hair in loose bulk or pre-tipped.

Platinum Class – Luxury Virgin Hair. Each pony tail of this hair is cut from one single donors head. It has not been lifted or tinted by collectors whatsoever. When this hair is collected it will only be harvested if the hair has only ever been very lightly tinted by the donor so that it truly is top grade luxury hair. The hair is then untouched and is not treated or coloured in anyway thus leaving a great range of pure textures such as naturally wavy and curly hair. Our Platinum hair can be bought in double drawn (lengths of 16″-26″) or single drawn lengths (lengths up to 30″). This hair lasts 2-4 years sometimes longer.Please contact us for trade prices on this hair in loose bulk or pre-tipped.

Diamond Class – Luxury Raw Virgin Hair This hair is sourced from small rural parts of Russia & North Europe & is the best hair available in the world today. Each pony tail is collected from one single donor & the hair has NEVER been coloured/tinted or processed in anyway in its entire life. Each bundle is completely pure & we can sell this in double drawn or medium drawn lengths. Lengths available will depend on stock at time of purchase as this hair is extremely rare. This hair will last up to 5 years as it is fine & low in density. Many people often pay well in the region of £4000 for this type of hair. This really is the best hair you will ever get! Please contact us for trade prices on this hair in loose bulk or pre-tipped.

Colour Rings

Colour Rings

Our colour rings are essential if purchasing our hair as Russia deal with different colours to the primary colours on UK rings. We strongly recommend you purchase a colour ring before placing orders for our hair. Colour rings are priced at £30 (excl postage).

Easy Links

Easy Links Rings

Authentic Locks Easy-LinksOur ‘Easy-Links’ Copper Tubes are manufactured especially for us. They are extra wide for easy installation (no more battling to fit tips through ill manufactured rings, extra flat, hold fantastically, and are almost completely undetectable! We sell this in amounts of 200 (£8.50), 500 (£14.50), 1000 (£23)

Italian Keratin

Italian Keratin Glue GranulesUndoubtedly the most durable hair bonding glue available on the market for all your tipping needs. Easy to use, and provides the most durable tips. We sell this in amounts of 50g (£17.99), 100g (£34), and 200g (£65)

Italian Keratin Adhesive


Loose hair is 1-3 working days delivery.

All pre-tipped hair orders are on 3-5 working days delivery If an item is out of stock and is going to be a longer delivery time you will be informed the following day from when the order was placed.

Wholesale orders of 500g and over will have specific delivery time-scales ranging from 3 days, to 5 weeks depending on stock levels so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Wholesale orders of 2kg and over will be sent by DHL courier. Orders between 500g-2kg will be sent Royal Main Special Delivery.

Our standard postage and packaging charge for all orders under 500g is £7 and we use Royal Mail Special Delivery guaranteed before 1pm. Please note this is not next day delivery it is used so that your goods are insured against loss in the post. Normally delivery time-scales will apply.

How to set up an Authentic Locks account

Authentic Locks hair extensions are available to qualified hairdressers and hair extension technicians only and a copy of your certificate may be required prior to setting up your account.

Authentic Locks products should only be installed by technicians who have already obtained certification in the art of applying hair extensions or have undertaken one of our Authentic Locks courses.

To set up your account with Authentic Locks please telephone on 0113 268 7637
To request a FREE sample please CLICK HERE.

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