Our Policy


Please arrive on time to ensure you receive your full service. If you are running late, we will do everything we can to accommodate you. If you are excessively late, please keep in mind that we may have to reschedule your appointment.

We regret that we cannot be responsible for loss or damage of personal articles. Please keep all valuables with you during your service.


Should a cancellation or date change be necessary, we request a minimum of 72-hours notice. If a deposit has been paid this is strictly non-refundable if no cancellation has been made prior to the 72 hour period elapsing


Tipping is left to the discretion of our clients. However, all tipping must be done in cash; tips cannot be added onto credit card charges.


We accept Visa and MasterCard, cash or debit cards. No personal cheques or paypal


Please note, deposits are non-refundable. You are advised to read all aftercare information provided and follow this. Authentic Locks will take all possible steps to ensure that you understand using the correct aftercare products are essential and that you are responsible for these being used at all the times. Authentic Locks take no responsibility if any damage or injury is caused by failing to carry out these instructions.

We do proactively promote to all our customers that regular maintenance is required to keep my extensions/hair/hair system at its best and that required removal/refit must be carried out by a professional after 8-10 weeks.

Authentic Locks are an excluded liability to the fullest extent permitted by law.

If you are unhappy with anything within your service from Authentic Locks you MUST tell your technician at the time of the service to enable them to rectify it. If you not discover until after that day that you are unhappy with your hair then you must contact the salon BY TELEPHONE to arrange to re visit the salon to allow your technician the opportunity to rectify it, in this case you must not remove/alter any of the given service until the technician has physically seen the hair (photographs are not acceptable).

If you do not follow the above you are not entitled to any replacement/refund as you are paying for the service, and hair products falls under strict hygiene regulations. Please also ensure you understand that you are not able to seek a refund if you feel the service is “just not for me”.

Please be aware any made to order items are strictly non-refundable. However alterations are available if possible. Please ensure you fully confirm and clarify any queries or requests regarding made to order items before the manufacture of your item commences.


What can I return?Pre-tipped hair is made to order so we only accept returns on this if the hair is faulty. We therefore fully encourage you to order a free sample of our hair and a colour ring before making any purchase for pre-tipped hair. If we have tipped hair up to a specific colour blend the hair is strictly none refundable unless faulty!

No returns will be accepted on pre-tipped hair due to colour mistakes if a colour ring has not been purchased, nor on simply being unhappy with the hair type if samples have not previously been requested.

Loose hair is fully returnable for exchange or refund within 7 days as long as the original band has not been cut off and the hair has not been used or tampered with.

Due to the nature of hair extensions and for hygiene reasons, loose hair may only be returned if there is an initial problem with the hair on product arrival, in which case none of the hair should be used or tampered with. We do not accept returns for hair extensions which have already been used or if the packet is incomplete.

Also as European law states, hair extensions are deemed perishable items and therefore we are not legally obliged to accept returns of non-faulty products.

Postage on returnsThe return postage costs are the responsibility of the customer. However if the product is faulty we will credit you the amount of the postage back and replace the item free of charge including postage costs.

If we are unable to offer an exchange on a faulty item then we will offer a full refund. We will credit you in the same manner as your original payment within 7 days of receiving the returned item.

Faults ExclusionsAll of our hair is premium Russian human hair. It has only ever been treated with a very low percentage of colour so the hair keeps its high quality and long lifespan. Therefore please be aware very slight shade differences can occur from time to time. All hair is visually double checked and labelled as the nearest colour. We do not deem an item to be faulty just because of a very slight colour difference to the colour ring. This is 100% genuine human hair so very slight differences on shades will occasionally occur due to the hair not being highly processed. Any colour difference needs to be significant for the order to be classed as faulty.

All our hair is hand tipped to order. There are no machines used due to the high quality of the hair we provide and the fact that we tip hair to bespoke colour mixes. Please be aware hand tips may have very slight variations in shape and size. This does not deem tipped hair to be returned as faulty as there will always be very slight difference in hand tipped hair. Tipped hair (unless otherwise directed) will be tipped into strands of approximately 1g weight per strand. If you require them any different to this i.e. 0.5g strands this must be stated at time of order.

Please also note when ordering loose hair that natural hair always naturally has a 2 inch taper at the end. So please be aware that if you are wanting to cut the hair to a blunt finish you may be wise to order 2 inch longer than you need.

Our gold grade Russian hair can last up to 3 years on dark colours and 1 and a half years on light colours with correct care.

Our silver grade can last up to 1 year on dark colours and 9 months on light colours, again pending correct aftercare.

However Authentic Locks cannot be held responsible for the general lifestyle people live and how they treat their hair therefore we do not accept any returns on hair that has been worn so following our ‘Haircare’ advice is fully advised to ensure your clients get the longest lifespan possible out of our hair. Please read and understand our ‘Haircare’ section fully and ensure you follow the advice through to all your clients

Other terms & conditions to noteIf you are not a Qualified and trained hair professional you should not purchase any Authentic Locks hair loose or tipped as there will be no return policy. Our loose and tipped hair is to only be fitted and purchased by hair professionals who have qualified in this trade. Any returns will need proof of qualification.

Full payment is taken upon ordering. Goods will not be despatched unless they have been paid for in full.

If you wish to send in a hair sample for us to advise on colour this is fine. If you are ordering our hair without sending in a sample for us to match may we stress you really need to purchase a colour ring to choose your colour(s) correctly as matching colour from other colour rings is not advised and we cannot be held responsible for errors in colour choice.

you order wavy hair from us you must be aware that as this is natural human hair the natural wave in each order of wavy hair may vary. Returns will not be considered due to the actual hair wave. Wavy hair will be limited stock so you may want to keep this in mind.

In the event of any client wishing to change or cancel any order Authentic Locks reserve the right to charge any relative administration and labour costs incurred. No exchange or refunds will be authorised if hair has been tampered with in any way. This includes tipping or if the tie round the hair has been broken.

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